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Updating destination list delivery server has failed

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Davide Giunchi has written an Italian qmail HOWTO, this Italian language document explains how to install, configure and run qmail.

Support for spam filtering, large deployments, and 24/7 support. However, the whole congress was canceled thus the presentation is more or less "virtual".A number of large Internet sites are using qmail:'s outgoing email,,,, Yahoo!mail, Network Solutions, Verio, Message Labs (searching 100M emails/week for malware), (a big listserv hub, using qmail since 1996), Ohio State (biggest US University), Yahoo!They also run excellent high performance antispam and antivirus solution on qmail platform known as Offers high volume mail server support for ISP's and Enterprise throughout the world. Also specializing in Anti-Spam solutions, Integration, High Performance Tuning.Located in Canada, 24/7 support contracts also available.Ai DA Systems offers Qmail, Webmail Anti Virus, Anti Spam, and djbdns support.

We also offer high-availability, clustering, redundancy, load balancing (layer 4 switching, round-robin dns) and failover services for medium/large ISP's.

888.473.0854 i Base Technologies from Hong Kong offers qmail based corporate email solutions for the Asian region.

Solutions include corporate email solutions, anti-spam/anti-virus, high-volume servers, consultancy and system administration services.

We also support migration from Windows/Unix platforms to any Unix platform (Free BSD, Open BSD, Linux, Solaris, others) Call 209.639.2989 Black Mesh provides a full range of qmail services, from consulting to shared qmail servers and dedicated qmail servers.

In addition to qmail support, Black Mesh provides a full range of consulting and hosting--from shared to dedicated--services.

Groups, Listbot, (Western US ISP), Telenordia, (German ISP), Net Zero (free ISP), Critical Path (email outsourcing service w/ 15M mailboxes), Pay Pal/Confinity,, Casema, Pair Networks, Topica, My tr,,, and