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According to those who have studied it, it's only a modern myth.

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Rabbi Yonasan Shtencel of Jerusalem never imagined that his Talmud learning would lead him to explore the age-old mystery surrounding the disappearance of the vessels of the Beis Hamikdash, the Holy Temple."About three weeks ago I was learning Talmud with my study partner, Rabbi Hirschman, where it talks about Rabbi Elazar ben Rabbi Yosi seeing several objects from the Beis Hamikdash: the Menorah, the Table, the tzitz (crown) of the High Priest and the paroches (curtain).They also found the grindstone of Beis Avtinas." Rabbi Shtencel "I thought to myself," continued Rabbi Shtencel, "Wow! I wonder where they are today.” I began to do research into the topic and discovered several instances of people claiming to have seen the Temple’s vessels firsthand.I asked him about the factual validity of the claim that the Vatican has our vessels. "I do believe that most Jews think that the Vatican has them.The theory that the Church somehow got them is a fascinating story in and of itself.Perhaps the Church believes that they are the legitimate owners.

For that reason, I found the response unsatisfactory." "I'm not a professional researcher and I don't plan on bringing a lawsuit.

The Arch of Titus, which dates back to the first century, also shows the Romans carrying the Menorah.

To me, this obviously meant it was in their possession.

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It's also amazing that Rabbi Shtencel got an answer.