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Single hall escape

With new life breathed into it by way of Johnny Depp's likeness and the successful film series by the same name, it's renewed as an equally enjoyable choice for all generations.With much of Disney World being a literal Fantasyland, nothing compares to the real-life wonders of Animal Kingdom's Harambe Wildlife Preserve.

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Hilarious on its worst day and gut-busting on its best, its seamless execution is rivaled only by its legitimately brilliant crowd work.This test drive through simulated elements is undoubtedly fun, but aided greatly by the competition and creativity that comes from digitally designing your own car.Even if you arrived to Epcot by highway, zooming down the attraction's final stretch is always a delight.As a trip through the history of communication, the ride's content may feel old-fashioned — the storyline ends with the first-ever Apple computer — but creating a personalized future utopia on the in-vehicle screens is delightful, even with a world of technology in our pockets.There are only so many hours in a day at Walt Disney World, so how do you decide what to ride first? This meticulous ranking of every stellar must-see 3D attraction, perfectly themed roller coaster, and out-of-this-world flyer will help you plan the perfect trip for speed demons and boat ride obsessives alike.In this interactive show utilizing the same "how do they do that?! Laugh Floor, kids can talk directly with Finding Nemo's freewheeling sea turtle, as well as other oceanic friends from its sequel, Finding Dory.

This simulated shuttle to Mars sees guests collaborate inside four-person pods that mimic an intergalactic space launch, hypersleep and all.

A fan favorite for good reason — it’s the most aggressive coaster at Walt Disney World — Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster is a solid adrenaline rush set to the rock band’s classic hits whose speedy start outweighs its glow-in-the-dark decor feeling somewhat outdated.

As far as dark rides go, the Magic Kingdom mainstay is as classic as it gets.

Though its plot is somewhat thin, this calm boat ride features a grand rendition of Elsa’s pinnacle ballad “Let It Go” and appearances by its entire cast of characters.

Still, Frozen fanatics will be over the moon to see the princesses in real life, and even overexposed parents can appreciate Disney's newest and finest form of audio-animatronics.

Never knowing which two planets you'll visit on each journey makes it worth riding again and again.