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The wildcat shows a high degree of geographic variation.Whereas the Asiatic wildcat is spotted, the African wildcat is faintly striped, has short sandy-gray fur, banded legs, red-backed ears and a tapering tail.

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Its fur is generally lighter than that of silvestris, and is grayer in shade.You both know what you want, how you want it, and when you're going to give it to each other.This is ideal for those lads who are looking for a friend with benefits that they can call when they want a hookup. These older milfs are ready to spoil their boy toys with loads of cash and attention, as long as you can satisfy their every sexual desire.Because of its wide range it is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List since 2002.However, crossbreeding of wildcats and domestic cats (Felis silvestris catus) occurs in particular in Europe and is considered a potential threat for the preservation of the wild species.It measures 47–66 cm in body length, 26–33 cm in tail length, and weighs 2.35-7.26 kg.

Its general colour is grizzled buff, with indistinct stripes and spots, and a pale brown lacrimal stripe.

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