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I work with the South Branch Water Association, a biological and environmental group monitoring our streams and watersheds identifying problems and finding solutions.A section of the south branch of the Raritan River runs through our farm.

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So she clipped his books in Miss Stryke’s history class in order to get a ride home from school. Olaf College in Northfield, MN for Bob’s senior year (brrrr, snow still on the ground in April).Her on-the-job training with Scott led to an eventual position with the NYS Health Department developing programs to enable people with brain injury to live in the community with some degree of independence.She went on to work with Mount Sinai Hospital developing and heading a statewide mentoring program for families and people with brain injury.From there it was off to teach on the other end of the spectrum at the Ethical Culture Society on Central Park West, and finally at a community center on 26th Street.Those were our days of living in the Big Apple which we loved—first in the West Village on Bank Street and then in Chelsea on 23rd Street.Together we started Nyack’s first civic organization and spent our 30s years growing up with other young families and raising our kids together. Professionally, Bob went on to head an organization that set up a computerized data base to keep track of kids in the NYC foster care system.

Later he became Associate Executive Director of the Association for the Help of Retarded Citizens, an organization covering the 5 boroughs and providing residential, educational, supported work and clinical services for people with mental retardation. Nancy calls him a big shot but, to his everlasting credit, he remains humble and centered.

He thankfully lives in a supervised apartment separate from us but in Nyack (in fact across the street from us).

He works part time, goes to a day program, joins us weekly for tennis and other community activities and, best of all, he loves to laugh and loves life. Nancy eventually returned to work, but this time as an advocate for the disabled in the lower Hudson region.

So it was a happy day when we headed east again and Bob started seminary at Princeton.

Indeed, he had every intention of becoming a minister and that lasted all of 3 months.

How does $250 a month rent for a NYC apartment sound? In 1972, our son Scott was born and we moved to Nyack, our second favorite place to call home.