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12 horas para vivir online dating

They marry and have two children: Daniel and Tania.Alejandro later in life marries Amparo Ávalos, a beautiful but promiscuous and capricious woman. Over the years, Alejandro divorces his wife, sick of the high maintenance of his wife.

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She decides to call of their marriage and give herself a chance to be happy with Alejandro.Vivir a Destiempo (literally: Living Untimely; official release: Timeless Love) is a Mexican telenovela produced by Fides Velasco and Jacky Castro for Azteca.It stars Edith González and Ramiro Fumazoni as the protagonists alongside Humberto Zurita, Andrea Noli and Wendy de los Cobos as the main villains.The original story and screenplay is written by Eric Vonn.From February 25 to September 20, 2013, Azteca 13 broadcast Vivir a Destiempo, replacing Los Rey.They ended the relationship when Alejandro left to study abroad, forced by his father.

His father did not approve of Paula as she did not seem apropiate for him due to her middle-class background.

Looking for a way to forget Alejandro and the death of her father, Paula begins dating Rogelio Bermúdez.

He's a handsome, funny and experienced man, they soon start a relationship and become pregnant.

It is expected to be held in various cities in the United States.

Paula Duarte and Alejandro Monroy were happily engaged in their youth.

The struggle of parents to rescue their children and show them the right path.